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Our Template Sites Are Fully Customized

There's a smart time to spend a lot of money on a website and then there isn't. Template websites allow you to have a unique website while avoiding the major costs of building one from scratch. Just because your site started from a template, doesn't mean that it won't look unique and custom.


You will be teamed up with one of our designers and he or she will walk you through picking a color palette based on your brand, using images that connect with your business's identity, advise on page hierarchy (what's in the menu and drop down and what's not) and even throw in a video or two to really set it apart!

What does it mean to work from a template? Basically, think of a website template as a house that has walls, a roof, and holes for windows and a door. We then get to add in all of the colors, flooring, cabinets, windows, doors, accents, etc.


Building the frame of any house takes time and money, same for a custom website. We bypass all that boring stuff and get right down to the fun part!

Services Included with Every Project

We do not simply build a website. We make sure that it is fully optimized so that your business will get the maximum benefit from its web presence. Plus, we provide continued support and edit because a website is a living document and should change with your business. If you want to see the services we provide above and beyond these, specific to certain industries, please click here.

Responsive Site

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Your site will look great on all devices!  When we design a website we take into account who your users are and what devices they will most likely be on. More traffic comes from smartphones than any other device, so your site MUST look stunning on a mobile device.

SEO & Traffic Reports

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All websites come with basic SEO included!  You will be able to see how many people came to your site, which pages were the most popular, where the traffic came from, and so much more! We will make sure you that your site is on Google and other search engines.

Social Media

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We will connect all your socials so anyone can follow you on any platform! We will make sure that your site is connected to your social media accounts so that when people share your website, potential visitors will see a gorgeous branded image whenever your link is shared.

24/7 Support

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Not only will we provide UNLIMITED edits, but if something breaks, we will fix it for you within 24 hours at no extra cost. We make sure that your site never goes down, and we fix any issues that arise. Your website should be a living document and reflect what is going on right now.

Online Ordering

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Today, more than ever, being able to take orders online is VERY important to restaurants. If you need online ordering capabilities, we can set that up for you in a snap! We will design them into your site so that anyone can order  anytime you're accepting orders.

Common Questions

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Do you offer industry specific services?

Yes! From digital patient forms for any medical office to online menus and ordering systems for restaurants, we have you covered. Click here to select your industry and learn about the specific services we offer businesses like yours. 🤓

Will my site be secure?

Yes! All of our sites come with SSL security at no extra charge. 😎

Will I be able to have visitors submit information on my site via a contact or message form?

Yes! All of our sites come with standard site visitor information submission forms. The best part of your new website is that you will be able to export your contact list to a third-party service like MailChimp or Constant Contact with the press of a single button! 🥳

Can you build me an appointment calendar, ordering system, online store, or gift card program?

Yes! Depending on the size and scope of what you want, there may be additional costs involved to build these and put them on your site. Click here to learn about the specific services we have for your industry. 🤗

Can I expand my site later?

Yes! The sky's the limit with what we can build for you. Your website should be a living document and expand with you as your business grows. 🤯

Can you help me drive traffic to my site once its built?

Yes! From Google and social media ad campaigns to SEO and blog post writing, we can find a solution that works for your budget and needs. Learn more about our growth and lead generation services, or send us a message to talk with us directly! 😄

I can't recommend Dedicated Designs enough. They made the website I wanted (clean and simple) and are always quick to make any changes to my website that I request. Josh is great to work with. I highly recommend Dedicated Designs!
- Noe Chaparro, 2020

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