Social Media Management in Sacramento, CA

From developing social media campaigns and interacting with followers to hashtag creation and community engagement, we are experts in getting the word out to your customers.

Social Media Content Creation & Management

You probably know by now how necessary social media is, not only reaching your current followers, but finding and engaging new customers so that you maintain a steady flow of business through your doors or to your website. We've been managing commercial and professional social media accounts since 2014 and have a lot of experience using social media to promote brands and engage audiences.

We make it easy on each of our clients in that they can be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. We can literally take care of everything so people will think it's all you behind the scenes, or we can post and interact normally while you post and engage above and beyond what we do. The key is finding a balance that you're comfortable with and allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can handle.

Services Included with Every Project

We do not simply throw posts together and then call it a week. We plan out, often with your input, what we are going to post, when we are going to post, what we want the posts to say, and relevant hashtags to use so that the organic reach is as wide as possible.
Also, we only work to obtain followers that will do business with you. We never promise a certain number of likes in a month or in a quarter because we do not use bots to artificially increase your followers.
We focus on your ROI and that means engaging people who are or will be your customer. We’d rather you have 500 followers that know you, spend money with you, and interact with you on a regular basis than have 5000 followers where 99% of them are fake accounts or live in another country.
The tools we use to manage each of our client’s social media accounts allows us to see exactly when the optimum times are to post each week. Lastly, and most importantly, our actions are data-driven, and we share that data with you each month.

Regularly Optimized Posting


We post 2-3 times per week, depending on the needs and content we have. We post pictures, videos, animations and share check-ins and positive reviews from your followers. This is free advertising for you and shows your followers you care about them.

Respond to Comments & Reviews


This is where the real magic happens. Engaging with your followers is time consuming but SO important. We take the stress away and engage with your followers as if we were you, always communicating with you if we do not know the answer to a question.

Hashtag Management


Whether you are or are not using hashtags, we will create a list of up to 30 or more hashtags that we will use when we post for you. Hashtags are great because they make your content  easier for more people to find for free!

Report Analytics Each Month


The time you'll save yourself having us manage your social media presence will probably be worth more than the cost of our services, but we also want to make sure that you see tangible results in the work we do for you. That’s why we will send you reports showing the growth of your accounts both in terms of engagement and followers.

Common Questions

Common Questions.png
What platforms do you post to?

We post to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn in our basic social media plan. We can also post to Yelp!, Snapchat, and TikTok, but those are an additional cost per month.

What if I do not have content?

You have three options. The first being to hire us to take professional pictures for your social media account either monthly or quarterly. The second is to have you (or someone you trust) begin to start taking pictures and videos and then send them to us as you can. The third option, and we want to be completely upfront with you, is if you cannot do either option one or two, do not hire us to manage your social media. If we couldn’t get real pictures of your business and what you do, then we would have to use stock photography, and stock photography never works. People can spot it from a mile away and will not engage with your posts, thus wasting the money you are paying us.

Will I still have access to my accounts?

Yes! You can post as much as you want on top of what we are already doing! You can also respond to comments and questions if you want to, whenever you want to!

Do you create stories?

Yes we do!

How do you handle negative reviews or hateful comments?

We will ALWAYS reach out to you before we do anything to talk about the different ways in which we can handle the situation. You have the ultimate say, but we can advise you on the best choice to make.

Do you also create ads and run campaigns to increase business for your clients?

Yes we do! Click here to learn more about our local social media advertising services.

Josh and Dedicated Designs have been the best possible experience! So rare today to find someone with character and integrity. Josh truly cares about his clients. That aside I’ve seen a definite increase in sales thanks to his efforts, it took a few months but we are seeing the fruits of his efforts. I have faith we will continue moving forward!!
- Allan Rosenberg, 2020