If you're not telling your story through video, no one is hearing it.

Exciting potential customers and clients about your business and what you can do for them makes it easy to win them over. Video is the most effective way to tell a story and to engage people. Promotional videos highlight your overall business or a specific product or service. Best of all, they can be shared via email, your website, social media, and on TV. We also provide affordable social media management and can make sure your videos are tagged correctly and get seen by the right audience.

Sara Corine Designs

Sara Corine Designs creates templates for photographers so they can turn their photos into invitations, announcements, or holiday cards for their clients. Most websites have a standard gallery where you scroll through the designs. We wanted Sara Corine to stand out! That is genesis of this showcase video.

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $300 - $500.

Apollo Solar

Apollo Solar came to us wanting a new website and we thought it would be a great idea to have a video on their homepage that outlined the many services they offered to their customers. While their name says solar they do so much more for homeowners and we wanted to capture those services.

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $350 - $750.

RANGE Kitchen & Tap

RANGE opened in early of 2018 and needed videos to share on share on social media to announce to the community who they were and when they were opening. We created these promos for them and made it them cover videos on Facebook for the first so that it grabbed visitor's attention and made them excited and curious to check them out. Notice the social media button that pops up to get more followers. It makes it easy to gain followers.

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $350 - $750.

Next Level Fitness Center

Next Level Fitness Center was not ready to open when these videos were created but wanted a way to get the community excited about the gym they were building. We combined quality animations with footage that we shot on site to create these motivational promo videos!

Cost estimation for a videos similar to this: $500 - $1250.

Next Level Fitness Center

Next Level Fitness Center offers classes to non-members throughout the year that not only help them become healthier but gives them a taste of being a member for five weeks. We created these videos for them to help the classes gain exposure and popularity so that they would fill up and bring in new long-term members.

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $750 - $1500.

Whole Woman Coaching

Whole Woman Coaching wanted an effective way to show prospective clients what it was like to work with one of their coaches. We went down to San Francisco and shot this video all over the city and then came back and edited it down to this effective promo.

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $1000 - $3000.

Hanosh & Hunter Dental Group

Hanosh & Hunter Dental Group had just built a new office and was looking to not only highlight the new space, but to also show the community the services they offer and how quality their work is by having patients speak on behalf of the office. One thing you should notice, the dentists actually never speak!

Cost estimation for a video similar to this: $1000 - $3000.

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