What Makes a Business "Instagramable?"

A lot of our clients have physical locations where their clients or customers come to do business with them. However, why not also make it a place where customers can market for you? A popular trend that you may have seen are pop-up "museums," like the Museum of Ice Cream (which doesn't have a lick of ice cream history in it). These places are built with the intent to give patrons an "Instagramable" area to take pictures that are then shared far and wide to incite jealousy and laughter. While we do not suggest completely remodeling your space just so it looks pretty on Instagram (however, if you are remodeling or building a new space you may want to keep this idea in mind), you can turn a small area into your Instagram hotspot or have props on the ready for those who want to have fun and promote your business for free on Instagram.

The best kind of advertising is a recommendation, especially if it is free. Turn Instagram into your free promotion machine with these easy to hard (in that order) steps:

Hanosh & Hunter Dental made these cute props for their patients to have fun with.
  • Print out a card that you can put on the table if you have a restaurant or café that says, "Make sure to tag us when you post a picture of your food/drink/etc., so we can share your post!" Makes people feel that you are helping them rather than them helping you which is really what is happening. Moreover, the more pictures that are taken of people enjoying your space, the more of a social media positive culture you will promote and the more exposure you will get on social media. It is a vicious but lucrative cycle.

  • Grab a stick and a piece of paper, glue them together, and write some witty or cute words on the paper (pictured right).

  • Celebrate your customers or clients. If it seems natural or appropriate, ask them if you can take a picture with them. Dr. Rashid at Beautiful Smiles Dentistry in Roseville does an amazing job of this and has created a culture where it is the norm to celebrate patients on social media.

  • Create a wall in your place of business that is "Instagramable." Can be a flat-screen TV that shows your feed (can backfire if your account is not getting a lot of action), or just a nicely decorated wall (see these Pinterest ideas).

  • Designate someone on your staff as the official photographer whose job it is to take 2-3 three social media worthy pictures a day and post them or send them to your social media manager, so they can optimize the posts and reach more people.

If you want to learn more about making a space "Instagrammable" then have a listen to this podcast. Click Here