The Surest Way to Get Reactions on Paid Ads

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

We've all been there. Boosted a post or created an ad and it gets a lot less interactions or clicks than we had hoped. It's so frustrating! You're paying Facebook or Instagram to get your ad in front of new faces, and people are seeing it, but they are not interacting with it. "What am I doing wrong?" we all ask ourselves. The answer: Social cred.

Social cred, or social credibility for those of you who didn't listen to rap in the early aughts, is all about perception. It starts with your reviews and then flows to the number of likes or followers you have and continues on through how many people interact with your posts. When people are looking into your organization after finding you from a third party source (website, friend, etc.), they look to the reviews people have left and how many people follow your organization. The more positive reviews and followers you have, the less you have to prove to new people, and the more trust you automatically gain. However, when people see your ad on their feed most are too lazy to flip to your profile to see how "trustworthy" your business is, unless you are trying to sell a higher value item or service (north of $100). If that's the case, they may got to your profile, and they will rely on your post's number of reactions (likes, loves, haha's, I don't know what else to call all of the other emojis 🤦🏻‍♂️). The more interactions your post has, the more willing the people you target in your ads will be to interact with your ad. We have all been there. You like something in your feed because so many other people have. Or you read something in your feed because it got so many reactions it must be amazing! So... how do you get enough reactions in the first place so that when you boost your post you have that magical amount of reactions to create FOMO (fear of missing out)? You want your target audience to react to your post purely because so many others did.

  • Boost an old popular post! Depending on the goal of your ads, an old popular post would do MUCH better than a new one simply because of the reactions that it already has (When you're really on your game you'll create posts that you know you'll come back to weeks or months later to boost because they gained so many reactions).

  • Re-run an old ad (all of the reactions from the previous campaign stay). To the right is an ad I did for my dad's dental practice in Chico. The first time around it got all of the interactions you see in the picture. When I re-ran it, the previous reactions remained with the ad and we got 85 new reactions in half the time with the half the budget.

I would use posts that have 50 or more reactions because that will catch more eyes.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Reactions are great, but how do reactions turn into dolla dolla bills ya'll?" Time. Ads take time, and it all starts with that first interaction. Once someone has interacted with your post you can keep retargeting them and retargeting them. Most research out there suggests people have to positively interact with your brand at least nine times before they give you any money. Be patient and be smart. Play the long game and give your posting efforts some thought so that you can use them again in the future to promote a specific service or product or just your business in general.

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