Radio Killed The Radio Ad

If you thought radio was dead you were right... until radio reinvented itself. Radio ads definitely have a place in your advertising strategy though not how you might think.

Now that it is 2020 and ways to reach your customers have ballooned into a crazy amount of devices and spaces, you may think that radio is down at the bottom of the list. However, for businesses with the right budget, there should be a place for radio ads, and working with the companies that place those ads. Here's why:

  1. People still listen to radio: In the world of marketing it does not matter how your message gets out there as long as the right people hear or see it. Whether they are commuting, working in the garage on Saturday afternoon, or catching the latest game, people still listen to the radio. This is definitely true of older demographics, and it is important to remember that fact because they have more disposable income.

  2. Radio companies and the corporations that run them offer more than just ads on AM & FM: With the age of Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix TV coming into full maturity, TV commercials have had a hard time showing their value. However, these platforms, sans Netflix, now offer ways for businesses to advertise that are actually better than old school commercials. What's even better is that a lot of the same companies that contract with radio companies to run commercials also contract with Hulu and YouTube so that businesses can advertise on those platforms too. That means you can get your content onto platforms where people cannot skip your commercials!

  3. A touch is a touch: People who have never heard of your company need to come in contact with you in one way or another seven to nine times before they will do business with you. Even if it is not the entire commercial, just hearing your name in a cleaver or catchy way counts as a "touch." The goal of advertising is to remain in people's minds so that when they need your services you're at the top of their list!

  4. They help with creating the content: Creating and recording radio commercials requires both time and expensive equipment to have them sound incredible. Most radio companies include the production of your commercial in the cost of the advertising. This is great because professionals will handle the creation of your ad! Plus, they will do an amazing job because they want you to succeed by getting new business so that you will see the value in radio ads and continue to use them as part of your advertising strategy.

We have a great contact in the radio industry that we can put you in touch with if this is something that you would like to explore. His name is Brock and he is very professional, polite, and easy to work with. He does a great job of identifying your demographic and coming up with multiple advertising strategies that can fit almost any budget. Send an email directly to our founder, Josh, at if you would like more advice on this and Brock's contact info.