Our Team


Joshua Hanosh

Founder & CEO

Joshua Hanosh took his knowledge of business and finance from UC Davis and combined it with his entrepreneurial spirit and love of teaching to form Dedicated Designs. In 2014, he taught himself how to code and began building websites for friends and family because many had had terrible experiences with other web designers and this sparked the idea of starting a web design and marketing agency that puts the needs of its clients first. Dedicated Designs is now a leading Sacramento, CA marketing and design firm that has helped numerous small and medium sized businesses grow and prosper in real ways.


He lives with his wife and 80+ farm animals that they care for through their non-profit Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary in Colfax, CA.

Pavan Sohal

Graphic Designer

Meet our newest graphic designer, Pavan! She graduated from Cal Poly SLO and was hired literally the week before the shelter in place orders were given in 2020. But that hasn't stopped her from being AWESOME! She is sharp as a tack, very creative. She lives in Rocklin and adds a wealth of talent and skills to our team to give any company first class branding.


Vilma Hicks

Graphic & Web Designer

She immigrated to the United States from New Zealand 6 years ago to marry her husband and start a new chapter in life. During this time, she decided to pursue Graphic Design and Illustration. She loves the process of visually problem solving - and finds that design is a curious mix of creativity and logic. In her spare time, she play board games with her husband and their game group. They hope to one day come out with their very own board game!

Ethan Calderon

Director of Digital Marketing

Ethan has a passion for digital marketing and cars. He took an interest in cars at a young age and started working on cars at 15. He had a drive to own a BMW, so that meant he needed a career. That's when his father and brother introduced him to digital marketing. Hearing them talk about it when they got home from work not only peaked his interest, but sparked a flame! He was hooked. Ethan started his digital marketing career path at the age of 18, and from there started a new chapter of his life. By the time he was 20 years young, he bought a house and bought his BMW. 2020 came along and brought hardships for many people including Ethan, but he found Dedicated Designs, and is excited to see what 2021 brings!

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MacKenzie Morgan

Manager of Operations/Social Media Specialist

MacKenzie is a fun-loving mother of one who loves to spend time with her husband and son camping, hiking, kayaking and exploring! Each year they try and stay at a different part of the ocean along the California coastline, keeping their adventuring spirit alive! Bringing over six years of customer relations experience, MacKenzie has a lot of value to add to each of our clients and their social media efforts. Business is all about relationships and MacKenzie works hard to build them on behalf of the clients via social media.

Courtney McArthur

Head Website Designer

Courtney has 5 years of experience in web design and marketing and has an endless supply of dedication and creativity for all projects, plans, and ideas that come her way. Her main focus in her professional life is providing clients with results that exceed their highest expectations. In her free time, you can find Courtney and her wife Alex with their four cats relaxing at their home in Newcastle. Courtney has a deep passion for music, art, horror movies, reading, and learning new skills. Her life motto is through hard work and determination, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished or achieved.


Julia Yarmolyuk

Social Media Manager

Julia found a love for drawing and all things artistic back in middle school, and worked everyday to nurture her new hobby. In her senior year of highs chool, she was gifted a digital drawing tablet, and welcomed a passion for digital art. In the years that followed, she taught herself everything she needed to know about graphic design, working on everything from business logos and tag lines, to cover art for musical artists. When Julia isn't glued to her drawing board and laptop, she spends her free time reading any fantasy fiction book she can get her hands on, or scrolling through TikTok. She joined the Dedicated Designs team in 2021, and works alongside her fellow graphic designers and media managers to provide only the best for our clients!