One Partner, All Sources of Growth


Social Media Management

Our social media management goes beyond just posting a few times a week. We work with each of our clients to craft ads that generate foot AND web traffic for both local and national businesses. Armed with analytics to shed light on our efforts, we make adjustments in real time to increase the ROI of our efforts.

Social Media Management

This includes posting weekly or daily, managing hashtags, and cultivating your brand to increase your reach and followers.

Local Social Media Advertising

We work one on one with local businesses to target their customers and place ads directly in front of them to increase sales.

Broad Social Media Advertising

For companies that cater to a national or international audience, we have services specifically designed to reach those people.


Search &

E-Commerce Advertising

Search ads placed with any of the major search engines can be difficult and expensive for those without experience. Use our expertise to grow your business!

Google Ads & SEO Services

We work directly with companies to development a marketing and SEO campaign that not only drives traffic, but converts visitors to actual profits.

E-Commerce Ads & PPC Ads

Whether you are a small local shop that wants to see more online orders come in or a large corporation that wants to see an increase in the amount of leads you get, we can help you.

Geo Fencing & Local Search Ads

If you want to advertise your services locally without wasting money having your ads seen by people outside of your service area, we can help you!


Email & Guerrilla Marketing

Yes! Gorilla marketing is really a thing, and we can help you use it to grow your business. We also take the stress away for a lot of our clients by drafting and sending out email campaigns and then using the data to retarget people who opened, did not open the message, clicked on a link, or did not click on a certain link.

Email Design

Turning a blank canvas into an eye catching campaign for your business is a passion of ours. Moreover, data drives each design so that it maximizes conversions and adds to your bottom line.

Email Marketing Analytics

Sending one email per month is not ideal if you want to grow you business. But neither is blasting out an email a day. We use data to find the right balance and target specific actions taken, or not taken, by your subscribers.

Guerrilla Marketing

In a world where marketing agencies say "Go digital!" we say, "Not always." Some of the best marketing can be done affordably and in person. Learn more below!

From Our Clients

I have been working with Josh and his team for almost a year now and I could not be happier. Having worked with several other marketing teams in the past, Dedicated Designs have been a true standout in their professionalism and proactivity. Among many things, they were able to create a great website on relatively short notice, provide great value & flexibility to social media management, and continue to contribute meaningful ideas to my company. They have a wealth of knowledge of both my industry and within social media & website management, and it is a pleasure working with both Josh and his team. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a marketing or website solution.
- Kay Uppal, 2020