Local Social Media Advertising in Sacramento, CA

We drive physical and digital traffic to local businesses through targeted social media ads that are created using live data to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Social Media Advertising for Growth

You've probably run a few ads on social media yourself either going it alone or with the help of Facebook's AI. It could have been boosts or actual ad campaigns and you're probably disheartened or confused by the results. You spent $20, $50 or $100 to get your business out there, and the data shows that thousands of people saw your ad, but you also may have seen that your ad did not get much in the way of engagement or clicks.

Now you're here, on our website, wondering if we can get you better results and if it is worth your money to hire us. To both questions we say, "YES!"

Services Included with Every Project

Let’s get this out of the way now… we do not boost posts for our clients. We can and we will if asked but our social media advertising services go beyond boosting and involve creating detailed ad campaigns built to generate in-person or online traffic with real results.


We spend time analyzing who your audience is, crafting ad copy and images/video that will resonate with the audience we are targeting for you, optimizing budgets so money is being spent on the highest performing ads, and reporting results after each campaign.

Audience Creation


We start by talking with you about who you want to target and then we do our own research to determine how to target those people on social media (and if that is even the best audience for you to target).

Crafting Ad Copy & Visuals


Getting your ad in front of someone is half the battle; the other half is getting them to engage with the ad. That’s why we spend the time to create custom ad copy specific to your business and your audience. Moreover, we select the perfect visual media that will speak to the audience we are trying to reach.

Optimizing Budgets


We NEVER use all of your ad budget at once. Smart and successful social media advertising starts with testing. That’s why we take small portions of the ad budget you give us and test various iterations of the ads we create. We then take that data and allocate the rest of the budget towards the ads that were the most effective AND efficient.

Campaign Reports


ROI is where the rubber meets the road and we will provide reports at the end of each campaign that show you the performance of each ad and how that relates to your return on investment.

Common Questions

Common Questions.png
What platforms do you post to?

We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. If you are wanting ads on Google check out our services for that on this page.

How much should I spend on advertising?

That is a great question with many different answers. We could throw out an “industry average,” but what we really care about is what works for you. We’ve worked with budgets as small as $100 per month and as large as $8,000 per month. That’s the beauty of social media; you can spend a little bit or a lot. We will give you recommendations and encourage you to look at your marketing efforts as investments (because that is what they are), but the ultimate deciding factor is what you feel you can afford.

How many ads will you run?

It depends on the budget we have to work with. The more of a budget we have to work with, the more variety of ads we can run.

Do you charge a flat fee or a percentage of the ad budget?

We always charge a flat fee that starts at $150 per month if you’re an existing social media client. The fee increases in steps as your ad budget reaches different levels and tops out at a certain level even if your ad budget keeps growing.

Do you run ads to drive traffic to a website or for a particular coupon that is only redeemable in person?

Yes to both!

Josh and Dedicated Designs have been the best possible experience! So rare today to find someone with character and integrity. Josh truly cares about his clients. That aside I’ve seen a definite increase in sales thanks to his efforts, it took a few months but we are seeing the fruits of his efforts. I have faith we will continue moving forward!!
- Allan Rosenberg, 2020