Our Graphic Design Greatest Hits

Here we are featuring some of our most recent projects that show our attention to detail and creative spark when it comes to helping businesses stand out!
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A Wide Variety of Graphic Design Services

From business cards to full tradeshow displays, we have enjoyed working with many different businesses! We can work with any printer and can get you discounts of up to 40% depending on the project and who the printer is.

Logo Design

Crafting the perfect logo for your business is one of the most important tasks because it is usually one of the first marketing pieces a customer or client will see which means it is also the first chance you have to make the correct firm impression. Our logo services are fast in that we will work with you on your color palette, orientations of your logo for different purposes, and we will make sure you have all of the correct sizes needed for wherever you would like to put your logo. Lastly, we can send files to screen printers and embroidery shops in the correct format so there is no delay in getting your apparel made.

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SupplyFly is a Bay Area startup that had no name and no logo when they contacted us. They had an idea for an app and were building it out but they were stuck on what to call it.

We went through three or four rounds of name choices and logo designs and landed on this. The founder loved it as soon as he saw it!

Having a spec sheet for your brand is important because it ensures that any future marketing materials will be consistent with your brand.

Outdoor Marketing Materials

We design banners, flags, tents, signicades... etc. We can create and have printed any outdoor marketing materials for your business. Plus, depending on the printer and products you want, we can get you up to 40% off on the cost of printing! Check out some of our most recent designs!

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Original Pete's

Original Pete's in Roseville, CA wanted to showcase to people walking by that they have weekly specials. They have a ton of window space, but did not want to block out the view from people dining in the restaurant.

Our solution? One-way window decals! From the outside it looks like a normal poster, but from the inside it is almost completely transparent.

We designed four posters for them and they worked out perfectly!

Print Materials

Having a clean, professional, and eye-catching website can make the difference between gaining a new client or not. SEO for a law firm's website in the Sacramento, CA area is crucial because the competition is stiff and showing high on search results is a must to keep a steady flow of new business coming through the door.

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Kendrick HVAC

Kendrick HVAC asked us to design brochures and folders that they could use when explaining services and products to customers while they were at their home. There was a lot of information they wanted and we did a great job fitting it all in while still keeping it clean and easy to read.

They also asked us to design a few mailers they could send out during the slower months to help people keep their systems running efficiently all year long.

I can't recommend Dedicated Designs enough. They made the website I wanted (clean and simple) and are always quick to make any changes to my website that I request. Josh is great to work with. I highly recommend Dedicated Designs!
- Noe Chaparro, 2020