Graphic Design in Sacramento, CA

We design rack cards, menus, business cards, mailers, door hangers, banners, flags, billboard advertisements, and so much more for local businesses in the Sacramento, CA area.

Having One Company Design Your Marketing Materials Makes a Lot of Sense

There is an easy way and hard way to have marketing materials created for your business. The hard way is working with different companies for each part of the process. One for your logo, one for the design of the marketing item, and another to print. The easy way is to have one company you work with for every stage. Not only can we design anything you need to market your business, but we can send the designs to any printer locally, nationally or internationally and will work with them on your behalf without charging you extra for that time!

Working with one company ensures your designs are consistent in look and feel and gives you less to manage.

Our Graphic Design Services

The goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all things marketing. We can send your designs to ANY printer and will work with them on your behalf so that you do not have to worry. The best part is that you do not pay extra for this!!

Business Cards

graphic designers in sacramento ca

Whether you want a traditional design or something that will make people say "Wow!" we can design the perfect business card for you. We also have secret design tips to make sure your business cards stand out from the competition.

Rack Cards & Menus

rack card and menu designers

Our graphic designers in Sacramento, CA love creating menus and rack cards. They love it because they're designers and want to give businesses amazing designs that showcase their food or services for non-restaurant clients.

Mailers & Door Hangers

door hanger designers

Not only will we design eye catching mailers and door hangers for you, but we can help you identify the right zip codes to target so that you are as efficient with your marketing budget as possible.

Billboards & Flags/Banners

billboard designers in sacramento ca

If you need a billboard created to grab the attention of drivers on I-80 or want your physical location to stand out to people commuting with flags or banners, we can help you!

Trade Show Materials

trade show graphic designers

Having a display that is tied together with standing banners, tablecloths, backdrops, and branded swag is very important to your success at shows. Let us help you create an engaging display!

Common Questions

Common Questions.png
Do you tweak existing designs?

Yes! As long as you have the original design files. If you do not, we can recreate them, that way you have the design files, and then we can adjust your logo's design.

How long does it take from start to finish?

The honest answer is that it depends on the project. Sometimes it can take a day other times it may take a week. It depends on the complexity.

What do your design services cost?

If you have us work hourly we charge $50 per hour. Most small projects take us two hours or less. Larger projects like billboards or murals are charged by the project. Clients that need graphic design services regularly (for emails, online graphics, or social media post) have us on retainer for a reduced fee that is less than if we charged hourly. They use us for a set number of hours or projects per month.

Do you handle the printing of the materials?

Yes! You tell us the printer you would like us to use (or we can recommend one depending on if you want to stay local or not), and we will handle the rest which will save you time because you will not need to do a thing!

What if I need my materials edited after you finish designing them?

Most times, if the edit is simple, we will not charge you. This goes with our commitment to ensure each of our clients get the value they deserve. 

Do you have design services other than graphic design?

Yes! We design websites, produce videos, shoot photography, and manage social media accounts for businesses. Learn more here!

Portfolio Snapshot

I can't recommend Dedicated Designs enough. They made the website I wanted (clean and simple) and are always quick to make any changes to my website that I request. Josh is great to work with. I highly recommend Dedicated Designs!
- Noe Chaparro, 2020