Google Ads & SEO Services in  Sacramento, CA

Ranking high in search results is both an art and a science, but it should not break your bank, and you should always receive a strong ROI on the money you spend. We are the experts that will drive growth for your business.

Google Ads vs SEO - Which Do You Need?

The answer depends on what your goals are, the timeframe you have to work within, and your budget. Google Ads are perfect for immediate results and for ranking on the first page more often than not for the keywords you want to rank high for. However, that comes at a higher price versus SEO (search engine optimization).


SEO is great because it is long lasting and much cheaper in the long run than Google Ads. However, any successful SEO campaign requires at least four to six months to begin to see results. We can help you identify what your goals are and recommend one over the other or a combination of both which is more common.

Services Included with Every Project

SEO has been marketed as a black art when in reality it just takes a lot of time, patience, and some industry knowledge to get it right. Google Ads are the same except results are immediate. When we set out to improve your SEO or run a Google Ads campaign, we first make sure that you understand how it will work. Transparency is goal number one. Then we will identify keywords that you want to rank high for and suggest some you may not have realized could be lucrative. We will create the ads, monitor them, and optimize them so they are efficient and effective at driving traffic to your website.

Transparency First


We wish we'd never met clients who'd had negative experiences with companies or individuals who promised the moon, kept everything a secret as to what they were doing, and in the end had zero results to show for the time and money they had invested. We start the entire process off by explaining exactly what we are going to do for you and will check in throughout the entire process.

Keyword Analysis


We start by talking with you about the keywords you want to target and include some others that you may not have thought about using. We will then run them through a few programs that will give us a definitive value as to how effective they will be at driving traffic to your website.

Optimizing Budgets


We NEVER use all of your ad budget at once. Smart and successful advertising starts with testing. That’s why we take small portions of the ad budget you give us and test various iterations of the ads we create. We then take that data and allocate the rest of the budget towards the ads that were the most effective AND efficient.

Campaign Reports


ROI is where the rubber meets the road, and we will provide reports at the end of each campaign that show you the performance of each ad and how that relates to your return on investment.

Common Questions

Common Questions.png
Do you advertise using Google Local Services?

Yes! If you are in a service-based industry, Google Local Services is great for you. It is different from Google Ads, just to be clear. You can click here to learn more about Google Local Services.

How much does it cost to run ads on Google?

Our fees are fixed and are based on how much you spend. However, the minimum we recommend a client spend on Google Ads is $500 per month. Because Google Ads is based on a bidding process for different keywords, if you have less than $500 per month to spend on bids, you will not win many of those bids, and thus your ads will not be seen by people searching for the keywords we target.

How many ads will you run?

It depends on the budget we have to work with. The more of a budget we have to work with, the larger variety of ads we can run.

Do you charge a flat fee or a percentage of the ad budget?

We always charge a flat fee that starts at $250 per month. The fee increases in steps as your ad budget reaches different levels and tops out at a certain level even if your ad budget keeps growing.

Can you run different ads that take people to a specific landing page or allow them to call us?


Josh and Dedicated Designs have been the best possible experience! So rare today to find someone with character and integrity. Josh truly cares about his clients. That aside I’ve seen a definite increase in sales thanks to his efforts, it took a few months but we are seeing the fruits of his efforts. I have faith we will continue moving forward!!
- Allan Rosenberg, 2020