Email Marketing Services in Sacramento, CA

Email is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising. However, it tends to get misused by businesses which then diminishes its effectiveness. We are here to change that for you because we do email campaigns differently!

How are Email Marketing Campaign Different From Your Email Design Services?

Some of our clients just have us design their emails and they send them to their lists, and other clients have us design their email and run a campaign with that email where we target and retarget with new emails to customers or clients that did or did not take a certain action. We outline in more detail below how an email marketing campaign works.

Services Included with Every Project

Email is a strong choice when choosing the best way to advertise because it is cheaper than running ads, you control who the email goes to and what they see, and the recipients already know you. However, most people and companies use email marketing incorrectly, making it seem ineffective. Our take is that short and sweet is good and sending only one email, maybe two, per month is all you need. The real “magic” is what you do with the data from that first email. Our job is to make the most of that data and use it to increase sales for your business.

Transparency First


We wish we'd never met clients who'd had negative experiences with companies or individuals who promised the moon, kept everything a secret as to what they were doing, and in the end had zero results to show for the time and money they had invested. We start the entire process off by explaining exactly what we are going to do for you and will check in throughout the entire process.

Data Analysis & Retargeting


Email campaigns give you so much valuable data from open rates including who opened the email, how times they opened it, and how many times they clicked on a given link. What we focus on is what we can do with that data to increase your reach so that more people interact with you which leads to increased sales.



While there is a whole technical side of email marketing, we do not forget about the other important part, the visual appeal of your campaign. We make sure that your brand is seen through the email and add in visuals that are engaging so more people take action from the email.

Campaign Reports


ROI is where the rubber meets the road, and we will provide reports at the end of each campaign that show you the performance of each ad and how that relates to your return on investment.

Common Questions

Common Questions.png
What platform do you use to email from?

We prefer MailChimp because we are familiar with the backend custom coding and integrations with websites and social media. However, we have used Constant Contact, Drip, and other email marketing tools.

How much does it cost to have you run an email campaign?

Basically, you will get 2-3 emails per month for $200. There is usually one email followed by one or two sub-campaigns to targeted people. It also includes analytics. Some of our clients have us send 10 or 20 emails a month, and for clients like them, we offer volume discounts to bring the cost down.

All of my emails are either on an Excel file or in a database on my website. Do you migrate all of the emails over?

Yes! And we do not charge extra for that. Moreover, we will make sure that your email lists stay current as people subscribe even if your system of collecting emails cannot be integrated with our emailing system.

Josh and Dedicated Designs have been the best possible experience! So rare today to find someone with character and integrity. Josh truly cares about his clients. That aside I’ve seen a definite increase in sales thanks to his efforts, it took a few months but we are seeing the fruits of his efforts. I have faith we will continue moving forward!!
- Allan Rosenberg, 2020