Our Photography Greatest Hits

Capturing the perfect shot is what we do best. Our pictures have been used in catalogs, social media, websites, print materials, and other mediums. Check out the best of the best!

Organized by Need

Over the last few years we have gotten to take pictures of some incredible food, fantastic products, great people, and breath taking locations. Here are our best hits!

Food & Drink

We would be lying if we said that visiting local restaurants and photographing their was not one of our favorite things to do. The food always looks amazing and the drinks are gorgeous. Plus, we get to capture the atmosphere and feel of each restaurant and bar with each shot we take which makes for incredible pictures that have single handedly improved our clients' social media following on all platforms, especially Instagram.


Team & Headshots

Before the awkward selfies there was, and still is, the awkward headshot or team photo. You want to look happy but not too happy, approachable but not too approachable, etc. We take the approach of capturing your authenticity. Be you and we'll help that shine through the pictures we take!


Retail & Products

We love getting to know the owners of local shops in the area as we photograph their stores inside and out. For some of our clients who have apparel to showcase we brought a model or two to help show off the clothes and accessories. The best part of shooting retail is that the photos we give back to the owners set their shops apart from their competitors because their marketing materials are so much more eye catching.

I can't recommend Dedicated Designs enough. They made the website I wanted (clean and simple) and are always quick to make any changes to my website that I request. Josh is great to work with. I highly recommend Dedicated Designs!
- Noe Chaparro, 2020
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